Alexa – Tasmota

You can interact with Tasmota using Amazon Alexa through your Echo device.

On the WebUI Configuration –

Miscellaneous Configuration page, select the emulation type.

Belkin WeMo Emulation

Use Belkin WeMo for devices with a single relay and Hue Bridge for devices or lamps with more than one relay. Tasmota devices are recognized by the Alexa app.

You don’t need to install the Wemo app or enable the Wemo skill in Alexa. Tell Alexa to search for devices of the right type (plug, switch, etc.) and when asked for the brand of your device, scroll to the bottom and select Other.

Hue Bridge Emulation

Color control (introduced in version, on/off, and dimming are supported in light control. Enable Hue Bridge emulation to perform device discovery in the Alexa app. No need to add skills to Alexa. Select Hue Bridge V1 as the device type.

Relays and lights with friendly names starting with a dollar sign ($) prevent Tasmota from “announcing” (i.e. hiding) them from Alexa. If found earlier, they will still work. Tasmota only provides four friendly names, so if FriendlyName

starts with $, component and higher numbered recognizable components will not be recognized by Alexa.

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